12 Things Ant, Dec And Cat Absolutely Have To Include In A SM:TV Live Reunion Special

Let's face it, Saturday mornings haven't been the same since 2003.

It’s been over 20 years since Ant, Dec and Cat Deeley last hosted SM:TV Live together

This was them back then:


But with the trio announcing they recently filmed a nostalgic look back at the iconic Saturday morning show, many fans are now calling for a proper reunion

SM:TV was essential viewing for any 90s kid (not to mention hungover students and many parents), and the news of the one-off special has suddenly made us feel very nostalgic about the original series.

There were so many elements that made it one of the most loved children’s shows of all time, and with so many to chose from, we’ve complied a definitive list of what MUST be in the anniversary special...

1. Anty And Decky The Garden Goblins

An oft-forgotten classic from SM:TV was Ant and Dec’s spoof of Bill And Ben The Flowerpot Men, which followed the adventures of two garden goblins who loved nothing more than getting on the “dizzy water”.

2. Chums

Undoubtedly the definitive SM:TV sketch, Chums was a hit in its own right, even releasing its own set of VHS tapes (remember them?) back in the day.

All these years on, we’re still obsessed with the Friends spoof, and have so many questions that need to be answered after the last episode – mainly if Cat ever forgave Dec for jilting her at the altar.

3. The Beautiful Corrs

Back in the early 2000s – a time when The Corrs were still in the charts – the Irish siblings were sent up by Ant, Dec and Cat. But 16 years later, we wonder if their bey-utiful looks have faded? Or if Jim has finally been allowed to take that paper bag off his head?

4. Challenge Ant

To this day, there is still something so satisfying about going up to someone, pointing in their face, and singing: “You’re thiiick, you’re thick, you’re thick, you’re thick you are, you’re thiiiiick, you’re thiiiiick.”

And we have SM:TV to thank for that.

5. The Poké-rap

It was a tough call to choose whether we wanted to see the Poké-raps or the Poké-battles again, but the raps just clinch it. Mainly because we used to be insanely jealous of Ant and Dec having personalised Pikachu jumpers.

And if ITV wanted to throw in a classic ep of Pokémon for us to enjoy too, that would be a bonus.

6. Sabrina The Teenage Witch

We miss Sabrina, but probably not as much as Dec does, given he used to dedicate a love poem to her before every episode. Here’s hoping Melissa Joan Hart and co. could be persuaded to film a reunion for the SM:TV special.

Admittedly, we’d settle for a repeat, but you’ve got to aim high, right?

(Oh, and if you’ve ever wondered what the cast of Sabrina are up to now, you can find out here.)

7. Splatoon

The amount we racked up on our parents’ phone bills calling premium-rate numbers to try and play this game was obscene. So we need them to bring it back if just to make all that money worth it.

8. The Postbag

Ah, remember when you actually had to send post into your favourite shows, rather than just tweeting or commenting on Facebook? Simpler times, eh?

9. Cat The Dog

We’re not sure if the gang would be able to get away with having a character called “Cat the dog” now without sparking some sort of Twitter backlash, but we’re dying to find out what became of the scruffy-haired, bespectacled lass from Biiiiirming’um.

10. Wonky Donkey

Just remember – “IT’S GOT TO RHYME!”.

11. LOTS of celebrity guests


Mariah! Jerry Springer! Victoria Beckham! They were just a handful of A-list stars who appeared on SM:TV back in the day. And with Ant and Dec having no shortage of celebrity pals these days, we’re expecting some big, big names if it were to return.

12. CD:UK


Of course, no SM:TV reunion would be complete without being able to tune into CD:UK directly afterwards. And with no chart-based music show currently on TV, now seems like the perfect time to bring it back, too.

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