Sony Distances Itself From Dr Luke - But It Still Might Not Be Good News For Kesha

The producer is no longer the CEO of Kemosabe Records.

Dr Luke is no longer the CEO of Sony’s Kemosabe Records, it has been revealed.

The producer, real name Lukasz Gottwald, has a long relationship with the label, and together they started Kemosabe in 2011.

Dr Luke
Dr Luke
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However, the Hollywood Reporter has now revealed that after an intense 18 months, which has seen Dr Luke and Sony in various legal battles against Kesha, he is no longer CEO of Kemosabe.

The news has not been formally announced, but court papers dated Friday 21 April state (via the Guardian) that Kemosabe Records “was wholly-owned by Sony Music Entertainment. Lukasz Gottwald is no longer the CEO ... and does not have authority to act on its behalf”.

A page about the producer has been removed from Sony’s website, though Buzzfeed sources are claiming they have not severed ties completely.

Sadly, those thinking this could be good news for Kesha may be mistaken.

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The singer has lost two lawsuits against Luke and Sony, over allegations of sexual and emotional abuse, that he strenuously denies.

For the past two years, Kesha has been trying to be freed from her contract with Sony and Kemosabe, but in April 2016 lost a second court case, when a judge ruled that Sony’s offer for her to make and release music without coming into contact with Luke - who would still profit from it - was fair.

As The Hollywood Reporter explains, Dr Luke still has a defamation lawsuit pending against the star, and his legal team have been documenting the ways in which the rape allegations have harmed his career.

As part of this, they could potentially cite the severing of ties with Kemosabe as evidence.

HuffPost UK has contacted representatives for Dr Luke and Kesha for comment.


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