Parents Share Experiences Of Gender Stereotyping As Sophie Ellis-Bextor Speaks Out

'I want to buy pink for my son.'

Singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor has inspired parents to share their experiences of negative gender stereotyping after posting a photograph of her son Ray.

Ellis-Bextor shared the snap on her Instagram page of her youngest son wearing pink pyjamas.

The mother-of-three explained that Ray’s favourite colour was pink, but she had to buy the nightwear from the girl’s section of the shop to get them in that colour.

Ellis-Bextor said: “Why do shops segregate clothing/toys into things for boys and things for girls? I bought these from the girl’s section but it all feels a bit stupid and old fashioned that clothes aren’t just grouped together by type rather than gender. Let people be people. We can make our own decisions.”

Parents have been quick to support the mum for speaking out, and shared their own experiences of gender stereotyping.

Catherine Walter said: “My eldest daughter loves all things space, dinosaur, monster and music related, but hates having to go into the ‘boys’ section to look for them (she’s 8). Couldn’t agree more- why can’t there just be ‘children’s’ clothes sections?”

“I totally agree. My three year old daughter loves dinosaurs and I’ve only found one retailer that do dinosaurs for ‘girls’ and aren’t labelled as boys clothes. Not that we need to take notice of the labels. It’s just annoying that retailers are still stereotyping,” said Fleur Saynor.

Laura Mason agreed: “I’m forever buying my daughter stuff from the ‘boys’ section because she loves dinosaurs, Star Wars, doctor who etc. At 10 it would appear she she love sparkles and Disney princesses according to clothing shops.”

Magenta Eden added: “If I buy something pink for my son some people start laughing ‘hey he’s not a girl, isn’t he?’ Some people are really slaves for stereotypes.”

Amy Cleveland said: “I could not agree more, and why not more neutral stuff! So boring green and brown blue for boys and hard fabrics where girls get light cottons and sunsuits! Same with toys! Pink cake stands and kitchens etc.”

Hear, hear.