Dad Invents 'Spider Catcher' To Help Son Remove Creepy-Crawlies From His Bedroom

A fool-proof way of catching spiders from a distance.

A dad decided to help his son cope with his fear of spiders by inventing a tool that would get rid of them easily... without killing them.

Tony Allen, from Ireland, said his son has always been afraid of spiders, which led to endless nights spent removing them from his bedroom.

Allen came up with a way to harmlessly remove the eight-legged beasts and other household pests - the Spider Catcher.

Spider Catcher

"Many people regard the presence of insects, such as spiders, inside a building as a nuisance," Allen wrote when describing his product.

"However, many such people do not wish to kill the insect and would prefer to have a convenient and simple way of disposing of the insect without killing it."

The device (available to buy for £9.99) works by surrounding the spider with bristles that close around it, trapping it.

This allows anyone to pick up the spider, then release it outside with a trigger that opens the bristles.

Tony Allen with the Spider Catcher
Spider Catcher
Tony Allen with the Spider Catcher

Allen said he also made sure the device was 65cm long in length, to allow kids to approach the spider "at a safe distance".

Allen has been making videos about the product - formerly called Critter Catcher - since launch in 2012, but since it was picked up by the news publication 'Insider', interest has boomed.

'Insider' posted a video of the device on its Facebook page on 12 April and it had nearly 90 million views and more than one million shares.

Would your kids be happy using the Spider Catcher? Let us know in the comments below.

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