'Spin' Final Episode: 5 Questions We Need Answered In French Political Drama

The series charts the struggles for power within the French government.

If you haven't stumbled across French political drama 'Spin' yet, there's still time. Think 'Borgen' but with better suits, more pouty politicians and even more steamy interludes in the corridors of power.

The second series comes to a conclusion tonight (both series shown on More4 and available online on WalterPresents), with the tendrils of power still dangling in the air, as the President faces challenges on the international front - Kapita’s journalist ex-wife sniffing around exactly how those hostages came home so quickly - and domestically, with his wife proving as unpredictable as he feared without her medication.

<strong>Spin doctors Desmeuze and Kapita are at fresh loggerheads in 'Spin' Series 2</strong>
Spin doctors Desmeuze and Kapita are at fresh loggerheads in 'Spin' Series 2

With the show finishing tonight, these are the loose ends we need tied up for now - and yes, there will be a third series coming from the Elysee, concerned next time with the decline of power. But, for now...

  1. Will Simon Kapita’s daughter Juliette stop being stubborn like both her parents and tell the authorities she’s a journalist, before they bang her up for terrorist activities?
  2. Now Ludo Desmeuze has been given the heave-ho by the lemon-sucking Deleuvre, will he really follow through on his threat to bring the government down, if Kapita doesn’t resign?
  3. Surely, his old Nemesis Kapita must have another card up his sleeve - but, if so, what? Fingers crossed he gets to play it. We’d hate to see those immaculately-tailored shoulders crumple.
  4. Will the president stay in position, what with battles on the political front following his secret hostage deal, and on the home front? He certainly looks like a man who’d like a nap, never mind a holiday.
  5. Will the Elysee’s First Lady prove to be his ultimate downfall, or the ace up his sleeve? From what we’ve seen so far, it all depend on what mood she’s in, and the one man who can control her - Mr Kapita, who else? - can’t be with them ALL the time. He’s got a new romance to tend to.

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