17/12/2017 22:10 GMT | Updated 18/12/2017 09:39 GMT

Sports Personality Of The Year Ends With The BBC Losing Winner Mo Farah


Sir Mo Farah has been named the BBC Sports Personality of the Year for 2017, but the big finish to the corporation’s flagship awards event could have run more smoothly.

A technical glitch meant the multiple Olympic gold medalist and world champion was cut off before the being able to speak to the nation, leaving the millions watching having make do with a blue screen and some swift presenter banter. 


Farah, who was in London while the ceremony took place in Liverpool, had earlier faced difficulties during a video link interview with hosts Gary Lineker and Clare Balding as Farah’s young son, Hussein, chatted in the background.

“It was the most brilliant non-interview that has ever happened,” noted Lineker as it was clear the line could not be resurrected. 

Olympic champion and BBC commentator Michael Johnson stepped in to pay tribute to Farah, praising the way he delivered gold in his home world championships this year against the team efforts of Ethiopia and Kenya.

On social media, people offered a mix of sympathy, jokes and reflections on how it was an appropriate end to a difficult year.