12 Stages Of Working Out You're Being Ghosted


It’s official, we weren’t just imagining it all along, ghosting is now a thing IRL as well as online.

This is after the term earned an official place in the Merriam-Webster dictionary this week, after being added to dictionary.com in 2016.

Ghosting is something that anyone who has tried online dating will be able to tell you about - you think it’s all going swimmingly (shall we plan a mini-break or what) then all of a sudden they disappear.

The only rational explanation: they’ve been locked in an underground bunker for a week.

Yeah. That must be it.

1. You go on a date, it all goes well and you mutually agree it would be good to see each other again.

2. They don’t text you on the way home, but hey, it’s late.

3. Or the next day. They did mention that work event.

4. You give them the benefit of the doubt.

5. A week later, tumbleweed rolling through your inbox.

6. Perhaps the network was down?

7. Or they forgot how to use their phone.

8. You decide to take the plunge and send the first message. But keep it casual, obviously.

9. No response. Maybe there has been a terrible accident involving their hands?

10. You see they’ve updated their Facebook status in the last 2 hours. Motherf**ker.

10. You’ve established they are alive but...still nothing.

11. You consider where it all went wrong.

12. Vowing never to let this happen again. But you totally know it will 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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