16/08/2016 09:22 BST | Updated 16/08/2016 10:13 BST

10 Stages Of Breaking Your Smartphone

Why God why.

Our iPhone might be one of our most treasured pieces of technology, but that doesn’t mean we always treat them with the respect it deserves.

As anyone who owns a smartphone can testify, they do have a tendency to fall out of our hands (especially when there is a hard, concrete surface below).

And always seems to land screen down, damn it. 

1. The moment you drop it. 

2. The complete denial. 

3. The feeling of ‘it will be ok in the morning’ if I just don’t look at it now. 

4. Trying the rice trick. People say it’s science but it feels more like witchcraft. 

5. Continuing to use the phone but getting tiny shards of glass in your finger every time you swipe. And your face, if you’re lucky.

6. Admitting defeat and reverting to your Nokia 3310. Congratulations, you officially look like a drug dealer. 

7. Spending five hours of your life on the phone to your insurance.

8. During those dark, 3- 4 working days while it’s being repaired, wondering how you ever coped before your iPhone. 

9. Or how you’ll survive without all your essential apps. 

 10. Getting your new phone and making sure it never leaves your sight (until the next time you drop it). 

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