The Stages Of Trying To Pack For A Festival Now You Have Kids

Mainly chaos.

You've been to festivals every summer for the past decade. You loved the music, the atmosphere, the camping (and of course the mud). But now you've got a family and packing for a festival will never be quite the same again.

But it's certainly still an experience you wouldn't want to miss, so here's how to do it with the sprogs in tow.

1. Your kids will want to climb into the suitcase, but instead you should coax them into helping you pack and put up the tent.

2. Remember that wellies are the best investment you’ll ever make . Children don’t appreciate mud unless they can jump in it.

3. Face paint and glitter are great distractions to stop them killing each other with boredom. Pack lots.

4. First rule of all festivals still applies now you have kids: you can never have too much hand sanitizer.

5. And baby wipes. ALL THE BABY WIPES.

6. Paracetamol - buy lots of it. You can't escape a hangover with a toddler (as much as you might try).

7. Snacks. Trying to keep a bored child from having a tantrum in a field can always be solved with snacks.

8. And bottled water. Trying to find somewhere to get a drink can mean endless queues and an unhappy toddler.

9. Take that extra blanket, even if it is mid-July. Trust us, someone always gets cold.

10. But still carry suncream. Yes we know, it’s the UK, but a burnt child is something to avoid at all costs.

11. Camera. Yes you're worried about losing it or having beer thrown on it, but you wouldn't want to forget these happy family moments...

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