Stephanie Davis Slams Jeremy McConnell On Twitter (Again), As Break-Up Gets Messy

Will these two ever call a truce?

Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell’s feud is turning nasty, following reports that Jeremy was unfaithful on multiple occasions.


Despite previous talk of marriage and starting a family, things didn’t exactly go to plan for the former couple, and Steph has now taken to Twitter, after Jeremy spoke to a tabloid about their break-up.

She wrote:

The actress’ comments about Jeremy’s mother come following an interview he gave with the Mirror, in which he said: "We broke up last week down to other issues which I won't go into.

“But bringing all this up again which is months old, and bring my dead mam into it like she did was low, but it probably is her way to deflect on what really broke us up.

<strong>Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell </strong>
Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell
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"She is a great girl with a lot of talent and I'd never talk bad about her. I feel at ease over the whole thing now. I just feel I had to set the record straight. It's the last time I'll be speaking about the relationship."

Steph and Jeremy have got back together only to break up again more times we can count since leaving the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house.

Jeremy is reported to have had numerous flings with different women while dating the former ‘Hollyoaks’ star, but - until their latest break-up - they were both insistent their relationship could still work.

Just last week, Steph told OK! Magazine: “Jeremy isn’t the type of bloke to sleep around.

“It was just a one-night stand and he did it because he knew how bad things got between us. He felt like that was the only way to draw a line under us.”

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