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Steps Speak Out On Ed Sheeran Album Chart Battle As Race For Number One Heats Up

We sat down with the group for a natter on 'BUILD'.

There’s nothing quite like a good old fashioned chart battle, and this week it doesn’t get much better, as Steps go up against the juggernaut that is Ed Sheeran

The 90s pop group are currently atop the midweek album chart with their comeback record ‘Tears On The Dancefloor’, but something tells us the fivesome are wishing they didn’t have to face the biggest artist in the nation right now in the race for the number one spot. 

Speaking to HuffPost UK’s Daniel Welsh on an episode of ‘BUILD’ on Tuesday (25 April), Steps member Ian ‘H’ Watkins suggested he wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of the ‘Shape Of You’ hitmaker.

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Steps made an appearance on 'BUILD' 

Asked whether they wanted to bring Ed down, Lisa Scott-Lee said: “We’re all big fans of Ed Sheeran and we love his music. Are you not H?

He replied sarcastically: “Yes, I love Ed Sheeran.”

Trying to be diplomatic, Lisa said: “It’s amazing that we’re up against someone who is so current and cool.”

Her comments drew laughter from H, who then insisted: “I love Ed Sheeran, just not this week.”

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Steps are facing Ed Sheeran in this week's album chart battle

He continued: “I think we’re all loving where we are at the moment and all we wanted was for this album to go top 10, and it’s succeeded all of our expectations.

“A year ago, none of this was planned. We were talking about doing a one-off gig at the Albert Hall to celebrate this milestone in our careers, and that’s turned into a 22-date arena tour, an album and a single, and it’s incredible.”

Ed Sheeran’s ‘÷’ has been at number one in the album charts since it debuted seven weeks ago.

If Steps do manage to claim the top spot, not only will they end his chart rein, but it also will mark their first number one album since the release of their debut, ‘Steptacular’, in 1999. 

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Steps even showed off some of their signature moves during the interview

Faye Tozer also explained the group wanted to make an album that would make everyone happy again, in response to what is going on in the world at the moment. 

“What we wanted to do with this album is get everyone back on the dancefloor,” she said. “We even said no to doing a big slow number and added another dance tune, just because we think that’s what everybody wanted.”

Lisa added: “It’s amazing, we didn’t know what the reaction to the album would be, and it’s sitting at number one in the midweeks, so obviously we’re hoping it stays there.”

Check the Official Charts Company on Friday (28 April) to see if Steps have managed to boot Ed from the top spot.

Watch the full interview with Steps in the video below...

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