'Straight/Curve' Documentary Will Change The Way You See Beauty Standards

The trailer for 'Straight/Curve' is finally here.

A long-awaited trailer for a new documentary, which is set to shed light on the fashion industry and how harmful its beauty standards can be, has been released.

'Straight/Curve', by filmmaker Jenny McQuaile, is aiming to change what is meant by "ideal beauty", by sharing stories and perspectives from models of all sizes, agents, designers, writers and photographers.

Along with shining a light on damaging ideals, the film also reveals the discrimination many models who aren't a 'size 0' face - including Iskra Lawrence and Philomena Kwao.

According to the Straight/Curve website, 70% of teenagers define 'ideal' body image as what they see in fashion magazines - but 91% of women feel they have to diet to fit this 'ideal' body shape.

Which is partly why McQuaile believes the industry needs to change and promote all body types, not just one or two.

In an interview with i-D, she said: "The world is a melting pot of colours and shapes and ages, and the fashion industry and media should mirror that, not run away from it."

'Straight/Curve' is set for release in February 2017


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