Revealed: The Most Stupid Reasons For Being Dumped

And you thought your ex was bad...

Break-ups are never fun. But they’re 1,000 times worse when someone gives you a meek excuse.

From the guy who broke up with his girlfriend because he couldn’t deal with the fact she laughed and choked while on the phone, to the person who couldn’t hack it when his other half cut her hair, here are the dumbest reasons why people have ever been dumped (courtesy of Reddit)...

1. Parental Racism

“Her mom didn’t want her dating a Mexican. I’m a white dude that played soccer and had a tan.”

2. Sexual Double Standards

“I slept with him which apparently made me a whore. It wasn’t the first date either.”

3. Toothbrush Paranoia

“GF left toothbrush at my place. Couple weeks later she saw a toothbrush and thought it was another girl’s.”

4. ALF Joke Dissatisfaction

“Went to [a] party with a girl on our third or fourth date. I hardly knew anyone at the party, and I’m really awkward around strangers. Don’t remember the exact conversation, but someone set up an easy ALF reference. It got a big laugh, and I just went with it, busting out several ALF jokes in a row.

“People were cracking up, including her. Next day, I give her a call. No answer. Try again in a couple days, no answer.

“Flash forward a couple months, I run in to a mutual acquaintance. I asked if she had heard from this girl, and if she knew what was up. Apparently she said she was weirded out about my obsession with ALF.”

5. Laughter Controversy

“Because over the phone, I laughed really really hard and ended up kinda choking on my laugh for like 2 seconds and I said excuse me and we’d been dating 6 months at that point but he said oh that was annoying, not sure if I can deal with that and hung up.”

6. Money Disagreements

“I was dumped because I was ‘too afraid to spend money’. I was saving to put a down on a new house, and paying all our bills (including her back taxes, car payment, car insurance, phone bill etc).”

7. Surname Grief

“Her first name was the same as my last name.”

8. Recipe Woes

“I didn’t use his mother’s recipe for pancakes.”

9. Differing Ideas About Drugs

“I didn’t want to do drugs with her.”

10. KFC Disappointment

“I was only 14 when I got dumped for not taking my girlfriend to KFC. We met up in the city centre and it seemed alright until she mentioned KFC. Being 14 I wasn’t flush with cash, and didn’t bring any with me, I figured we’d just walk around or look in the shops or whatever.

“She went off on one about how immature and childlike I am because I didn’t bring any money to go to KFC.”

11. Hair Cut Horror

“He told me over the course of our whole relationship he thought I’d look cute with short hair. So I eventually cut my hair. He dumped me the next day.”

12. Video Game Vexation

“She ‘found out’ I like playing video games.”

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