Stuck Cargo Ship Charted X-Rated Route Before Blocking Suez Canal

"Blocking the Suez Canal being a literal dick move," one person joked about the MV Ever Given's predicament.

The quarter-mile-long container ship that’s currently blocking the Suez Canal traced a distinctly phallic route in the hours before being blown off course and becoming stuck on Tuesday morning.

The route charted by the MV Ever Given in the Red Sea before entering the Egyptian waterway appeared to resemble a penis, testicles and butt cheeks when viewed as GPS data, per images and video shared online by the live boat tracking websites Vessel Finder and

Disinformation researcher John Scott-Railton suggested the X-rated route of the boat – traveling from China to Rotterdam – was not intentional, describing it on Twitter as “innocent, but terrible luck.” Of course, other Twitter users had thoughts:

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