Quiz: Real Superfood Or One We Made Up?

Do you know your Acai from your Jamagi?

Think you know your superfoods? This quiz will be the judge of that.

From putting algae in your smoothies to powder from the root of an African tree on cereal, the 'clean eating' crowd manage to eat some pretty weird and wonderful superfoods.

These magical foods come from various nooks and crannies across the globe and are growing in popularity among health nuts. As a result, they can cost a bomb.

But would you know a phoney superfood from the real thing? Especially if it were in the aisle of a fancy health food shop with an expensive price tag? Maybe not.

We created a list of superfoods that either exist or don't. All you have to do is decide which ones are legit, and which ones we've completely made up.

Simple, non? On your marks, get set, goji berry.