8-Year-Old Invents Most 2020 Superhero Ever For Dress-Up Day

'Coronagirl' fights coronavirus and also gives out free school meals.
Vicki Gamble's daughter Betsy went to school dressed as 'Coronagirl'
Vicki Gamble's daughter Betsy went to school dressed as 'Coronagirl'

An eight-year-old girl went to ‘Superhero Day’ at her primary school dressed as ‘Coronagirl’ – because she wants to help end child food poverty.

Betsy Gamble, who lives in Somerset, made her own costume – including a sign reading ‘free school meals’ – and told her mum she dreamed of being a superhero with “special, virus-fighting powers” to be able to “spread free food vouchers” to kids who needed them.

Her mum, Vicki Gamble, 39, told HuffPost UK her daughter had heard about Marcus Rashford’s campaign for free school meals to be extended over the holidays to stop children going hungry. Tory Ministers recently voted against the Labour motion, saying “it’s not for schools to regularly provide food during school holidays”.

“She knows that not all children are as lucky as she is,” Gamble said.

Betsy, who attends Elmhurst Junior School in Street, Somerset, even imagined the ‘secret weapons’ Coronagirl might have – such as hand sanitisers and masks.

“She had been worried about going back to school after such a long time at home,” Gamble said, “but since being back, it has been great to see her come out of her shell again and embrace her creative side.

“During lockdown, I became concerned about her as she stopped being as vibrant and lost interest in many of her usual hobbies.

“But she, along with her brother Arthur, have shown me just how resilient little people can be.”