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Susan Boyle Ends Feud With Estranged Brother Following Heathrow Airport Incident

'Everything is hunky dory and fantastic.'

Susan Boyle has ended her two-year feud with her estranged brother. 

The 'Britain's Got Talent' star has made up with her sibling Gerry, after she left him a distressing voicemail, following her recent incident at Heathrow airport

The pair fell out in December 2013, when members of their family claimed he persuaded her to give him £50,000 by threatening suicide, and she refused to distance herself from those behind the rumours.

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Susan Boyle

However, Susan has now told The Mirror of their renewed relationship: “I’m very happy, it’s a great relief and I’m looking to the future with a happy smile. Everything is hunky dory and fantastic.”

Speaking of the moment he realised he had to make it up with Susan after hearing the upsetting message, Gerry added: “I’d never heard her sound so down on the phone. I was really concerned. She didn’t sound like she was in a good place.

“We hadn’t spoken for two and a half years but when all is said and done I am her brother. I realised how sad it was that we didn’t speak – and that it shouldn’t be that way.”

Following their reunion, the pair now speak everyday, and last week Susan was introduced to Gerry's seven-month-old grandson. 

“Meeting Alfie was a wonderful experience, he is a beautiful boy. It was very emotional,” she said. 

The 55-year-old singer was reportedly involved in a ‘heated disagreement’ with BA staff in April, as she waited to board a flight to Glasgow. 

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Susan was involved in an incident at Heathrow airport last month

She was then forced to find an alternative route home to Scotland after police became concerned for her welfare.

A Met Police spokesman told The Sun: “Police were called at 1.20pm to a lounge in T5 Heathrow to reports of a distressed woman.

“Officers attended and spoke to the woman after concerns to her health and well-being.”

It was later claimed Susan's outburst was a result of her Asperger’s syndrome, which was “triggered” by the stress of being in an airport.

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