Turnpike Lane Shooting: Suspected Firearm Incident At Station

A bus was caught in cross fire and the driver was injured.
Press Association

Police were called this morning to reports of shots fired outside a north London station, in which a bus was caught in cross fire and a bus driver was injured.

Local officers and armed police arrived on the scene at 00:24 on Friday outside Turnpike Lane Station.

A red double-decker bus, the 221 headed to Edgeware, was left damaged.

Evidence of firearms discharge was found at the scene.

A Met spokesperson told HuffPost UK that enquiries are ongoing.

He said: “A bus driver, aged in his fifties, was found to have suffered minor injuries to his forehead from glass shattering and was taken to hospital for treatment.”

London Ambulance Service was also in attendance and there are no reports of any other persons injured.

So far, no arrests have been made and officers remain on scene.


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