Swearing Lots Doesn't Mean You're Not F**king Smart, Research Finds

This is the best excuse for profanity yet.
ballyscanlon via Getty Images

We've all just been handed a licence to swear without shame.

That's because obscene language doesn't indicate a lack of intelligence, according to academics.

Researchers from the US were prompted by the common perception that expletives are mostly used by people with lower IQs.

Their paper, 'Deconstructing The Poverty-of-Vocabulary Myth', tested the relative intelligence of those who peppered their speech with profanities.

The results proved that rather than suggesting a lack of intelligence, the regular use of swear words does not relate to the size of a person's vocabulary.

And interestingly, men and women were just as potty-mouthed as each other.

So now you can share your swears without insulting your own intelligence.

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