14/01/2017 22:17 GMT | Updated 15/01/2017 11:17 GMT

‘Taboo’ Episode 2 Review: The 5 Talking Points From The Latest Instalment Of Tom Hardy’s New Drama

From Lorna Bow's arrival to Delaney's merciless nature.

The second episode of the BBC’s latest drama, ‘Taboo’, was aired on Saturday (14 January) night, and while the episode answered a number of the questions that were posed in the first, we still have plenty to discover about James Delaney.

Things didn’t get any easier for the main character, played by Tom Hardy, as he attempted to launch his own trading company and discover who was responsible for his father’s death, before being forced to face up to his own mortality.

Here are the five big talking points from the show…

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1. Atticus’s introduction

Stephen Graham made his ‘Taboo’ debut, taking on Delaney by stealing his horse and then negotiating a hard bargain for its return. He also revealed that someone tried to have Delaney Sr killed, before identifying that man as Delaney’s own brother-in-law. His character will continue to appear in the forthcoming episodes, alongside his mysterious sidekick French Bill.

2. Delaney’s consistently merciless approach 

While he was fair in the courtroom, paying off his father’s creditors, Hardy’s protagonist showed no mercy when a young girl called Winter identified the ship of a man sent to kill him. Likewise, in the closing scene, he didn’t hesitate for a second when faced with another hitman, and promptly stabbed him, before viciously biting his neck.

3. Lorna Bow’s arrival

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When Delaney discovered a pamphlet from a play in his father’s desk, he thought nothing of it, but this would soon become incredibly relevant, when actress Lorna Bow arrived in London revealing that she had married Delaney Sr. This could have huge implications for Delaney’s trading company plans, as Lorna is in a position to petition for shared ownership of Nootka Sound.

4. The East India Company’s underhand tactics

It’s not just Lorna that Delaney has to worry about, as the aforementioned hitman didn’t act on his own accord, and it seems likely that he was sent by the company, who are determined to get their hands on the land.

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5. Delaney’s relationship with his sister

While it’s yet to be confirmed, it’s quite clear that these two share a bond that goes beyond the boundaries of brother and sister. Publicly, she shows disdain for her sibling, but there was visible tension when they met at the party, and also the small matter of the gigantic diamond he posted to her. What, exactly, has gone on in the past?

Catch up on ‘Taboo’ here. The next episode airs on Saturday 21 January.

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