03/12/2013 21:01 GMT | Updated 04/12/2013 20:37 GMT

A Tattoo Artist Colored In His 4-Year-Old Daughter's Line Drawing. The Results Were Pretty Epic.

Fred Giovannitti is an industrial equipment inventor, but when he isn't helping to protect the world's marine ecosystems, he colors.

His art is both a professional endeavor -- Giovannitti, who lives in Delaware with his family, owns a tattoo parlor in Las Vegas that he works at ten days out of each month -- and a hobby. In addition to creating unique tattoo designs, the father of two has taken to filling in his kids' drawings with remarkable results.

It all started with a picture Giovannitti's then 4-year-old daughter, Sofia, gave him to take on one of his trips. He explained to HuffPost via e-mail:

My children like to draw me pictures for my trip so I can keep them close to me while I'm away. One day my daughter didn't get around to making me a picture in time, so right before I left she quickly drew me a line drawing to take with me. On my flights to work I keep a sketchbook to draw on the plane and have colored pencils handy. This one particular trip, instead of drawing in my sketchbook, I decided to color in my daughter’s drawing in the manner in which I would color my own work.

And so, a tradition was born... Slowly. As Dad explains on Imgur, a couple months passed before he picked up another drawing from Sofia to work with. After that, his older child, Freddie, wanted in on the action too, and Giovannitti was smart enough to start taking before and after pictures.

The best part about collaborating with his kids? Giovannitti says the bonding time ... and the "AHA moments when they see the finished product."

  • The First One
    The First One
    Frank Giovannitti
    "I did this one a few years back on a whim to see how it would look if I colored one of my 4 yr old daughter's pictures. This is the one that started it all for me. Colored with prismacolor pencils on a small piece of scratch paper. This is also when I realized that I should take before pics."
  • Bye
    Frank Giovannitti
    "After a few months, I remembered about coloring the previous drawing and asked my daughter to draw me another one for my trip. Also colored with prismas and this time on a piece of paper from a small watercolor pad. Apparently it's ok to go on a plane with dozens of sharpened pencils."
  • Frankenstein?
    Frank Giovannitti
    "On my next trip my 6 yr old son wanted to get in on the act. This time they both drew me up something. Same colored pencils, this time on 8x10 paper."
  • Happy Girl
    Happy Girl
    Frank Giovannitti
    "I got in trouble for this one. Apparently she wasn't supposed to have a red shirt. I had to claim artistic license with my contribution and that was that. Colored pencils on 8x10 paper."
  • Elephant Boy
    Elephant Boy
    Frank Giovannitti
    "My daughter, at this point 5, drew this for me saying it was an elephant boy that tells her things in her dreams. I thought this would be the neatest way to color it at the time. Colored pencils on 8x10 paper."
  • Crazy Pumpkin
    Crazy Pumpkin
    Fred Giovannitti
    "Sometimes I just start coloring and I forget to take a before pic. This is a good example of that. Maybe you can see the black lines of the original drawing. This one is from my son, then 7. Colored pencils on 8x10 paper."
  • Mom's BDay Chicken #1
    Mom's BDay Chicken #1
    Fred Giovannitti
    "Uh Oh! Looks like mom wants the kids to draw some chickens for her birthday to decorate her kitchen. This one is an araucana from my son. These I did while at home. Colored pencils on 8x10 paper."
  • Mom's BDay Chicken #2
    Mom's BDay Chicken #2
    Fred Giovannitti
    "And here is a barred rock and chick from my daughter. It was her idea for it to be a barred rock. Colored pencils on 8x10 paper."
  • iPad Attempt #1
    iPad Attempt #1
    Fred Giovannitti
    "The first time I forgot my colored pencils on my flight, I decided to try my hand at coloring the drawings from my kids on the ol' ipad. Needless to say, everyone loved it at home and I figured I'll try getting better at this medium. IPad>ArtStudio"
  • Cats in Love
    Cats in Love
    Fred Giovannitti
    "These are getting more recent. This one is from my daughter. She loves cats. IPad>ArtStudio"
  • Alien Scar
    Alien Scar
    Fred Giovannitti
    "My son decided to color in the alien's head scar himself then asked if I could make it look better. I tried. IPad>ArtStudio"
  • Happy Bat
    Happy Bat
    Fred Giovannitti
    "Sometimes the kids forget to give me drawings and I have to dig into my camera roll to see if there's anything in there that might have slipped through the cracks. This is one of those. IPad>ArtStudio"
  • Christmas Elf
    Christmas Elf
    Fred Giovannitti
  • Santa
    Fred Giovannitti
  • In action
    In action
    Fred Giovannitti
  • Fred Giovannitti