'Tattoo Fixers' Artist Made An Embarrassing Mistake On A Customer's Cover-Up


Members of the public sign up to E4’s ‘Tattoo Fixers’ to have botched tats transformed for the better.

But one participant walked out of the studio with yet another tattoo in need of a cover-up.

Kat appeared on the spin-off programme ‘Tattoo Fixers On Holiday’ to get rid of a tattoo reading “YOGDO”, which stands for “You Only Get Divorced Once”.

But artist Alice Perrin made a rather embarrassing mistake with the replacement piece.

Paisley, Alice, Jay and Sketch from 'Tattoo Fixers'
Paisley, Alice, Jay and Sketch from 'Tattoo Fixers'

Alice designed a pretty clock and teacup image for Kat, but got a bit confused when it came to finishing off the clock face.

Rather than inking the roman numeral for 9 (IX) Alice gave Kat two of the same number, 11 (XI).

She also used the standard numeral IV for the number four, but on clock faces, this is usually represented as IIII.

The mistakes didn’t get past eagle-eyed viewers on Twitter.

The Huffington Post UK has reached out to Tattoo Fixers for comment, but has yet to hear back at the time of publishing.

The final episode of ‘Tattoo Fixers On Holiday’ airs on E4 on Monday 12th September at 9pm.

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