02/06/2016 10:09 BST | Updated 02/06/2016 14:27 BST

Tattoo Artists Reveal The Trends They're Sick Of

It's not looking good for infinity symbols.

Tattoos are a booming business and you'd think studios would be grateful for the surplus of customers.

But you can't spell tattoo artist without artist. Their work is a craft and they're sick to death of tattooing infinity symbols on your finger, Pinterest fans.

Ever wondered what your artist is really thinking when you ask for a white ink mandala on the sole of your foot? A new thread on Reddit exposes the designs artists are really sick of doing for large amounts of money on people who really want them.


This artist who is not down with white ink tattoos.


This artist who wants to call out your spirituality.

P.s. 火鸡三明治 means turkey sandwich.

This artist who's clearly no Kat Von D.

This joker.

This artist who definitely doesn't 'love' 'life' right now.

This artist who thinks mandalas are just this decade's sick tribal.

This artist who is super passionate about crosses. Don't even try and bring them an ugly cross.

This artist who just really wants the best for you.

This absolute hater of the meaning of life.

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