Taylor Swift Answers Vogue's '73 Questions', Blasts Slut-Shaming And Reveals Romantic Surprise From Calvin Harris

Arguably Taylor Swift's most Taylor Swift interview to date.

Taylor Swift has become the latest celebrity to get Vogue’s ‘73 Questions’ treatment, proving that despite her honest and candid approach to songwriting, there’s still a lot we don’t know about one of the most famous women in music.

Over the course of the 10-minute interview, Taylor takes us around her Beverly Hills home while answering - you guessed it! - 73 questions about herself.

We won’t spoil the whole interview for you but, Taylor being Taylor, in a short space of time she manages to name-drop Jay Z, show off one of her Grammys which is oh-so-casually placed on the side-table in her living room, and even show off an unusual hidden talent.

<strong>Maybe stick to singing, Taylor</strong>
Maybe stick to singing, Taylor

Those, folks, are some double-jointed elbows. Nice.

She also warns people against Googling themselves and reveals she’d tell her 19-year-old self that she would “date like a normal 20-something should” but would ultimately wind up “becoming a national lightning rod for slut-shaming”.

Taylor even lets us in some private details, including the romantic surprise her boyfriend, Calvin Harris, treated her to at Christmas, the personal reason she finds it so hard to perform one of her songs live, and even the nickname her brother calls her.

Watch the interview in full in the video above.

<strong>Is that a Grammy we spot in the shot, Taylor?</strong>
Is that a Grammy we spot in the shot, Taylor?

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