Rihanna And Calvin Harris' 'This Is What You Came For' WAS Co-Written By Ex-Girlfriend Taylor Swift

She's made a less-than-shocking revelation...

Taylor Swift co-wrote her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris’ latest collaboration with Rihanna, it has been confirmed.

Ever since ‘This Is What You Came For’ debuted back in April, fans speculated that Taylor may have had a hand in penning the track when she was still with Calvin, as the song’s melody and lyrics were similar to her own material.

<strong>Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift during happier times</strong>
Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift during happier times

Even more tellingly, the song was co-written by Calvin and the mysterious Nils Sjöberg, a songwriter with no other credits who somehow managed to wangle his name onto the credits of a collaboration between two of the biggest artists in music.

Putting fans and critics’ minds at rest once and for all, Taylor’s reps have now confirmed to People magazine that she and Calvin made the song together shortly before their split.

<strong>Calvin and Taylor at an awards bash in April</strong>
Calvin and Taylor at an awards bash in April
Jason Kempin via Getty Images

Calvin has since tweeted about the revelation, admitting that Taylor’s vocals can also be heard on the track.

TMZ have made further claims, suggesting that Taylor recorded a piano-led demo of the song and sent it to Calvin, only for him to re-work it into a single with Rihanna.

The gossip site has claimed the couple agreed to keep the collaboration under wraps once they’d split, as they didn’t want to overshadow the music (God forbid Taylor “Camera Shy” Swift get anybody talking about her personal life, eh?).

Listen to ‘This Is What You Came For’ below:

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