Woman's Attempt To Slut-Shame Taylor Swift Using Ham Sandwiches Backfires Spectacularly

Someone give that woman an anatomy lesson.

A mother’s attempt to slut-shame Taylor Swift using two ham rolls has sent Twitter into overdrive.

And if her tweet wasn’t so ridiculously hilarious, we’d be crying right now.

Jennifer Mayers, who describes herself as a “wife, mother, Christian”, tweeted a photo of two sandwiches side-by-side.

The sandwich on the right is supposed to represent her daughters’ vulvas, while the sandwich on the left represents Taylor Swift’s.

Translation: Mayers appears to be making a comment about Swift’s recent relationships, using the misinformed logic that having sex leads to an enlarged vulva. (It doesn’t.)

If we just put all of the inaccuracies to one side for a moment - 1. it’s a vulva, not a vagina, 2. vulvas do not change shape or size if you have sex, 3. all vulvas look different and THAT’S NORMAL - then we’re still left with a pretty harrowing attempt to slut-shame a woman based on her life choices.

See also: what a woman does with her body is no one else’s business.

Unsurprisingly, Jennifer’s tweet hasn’t really had the impact she intended. Instead, people are perturbed and amused.

Some are suggesting Jennifer gets an anatomy lesson...

And sex education lessons...

Others are concerned at her interest in her daughters’ vulvas...

Thankfully some have found the funny side, contributing to a hashtag #IfMyVaginaWereASandwich

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