Squirty Aerosol Tea Has Upset A Lot Of Brits Who Are Not Ready To Give Up On Tea Bags

What fresh hell is this.

As if 2016 hasn’t been challenging enough; the universe seems totally hellbent on making Britain suffer till the bitter end.

The most recent blow to our nation, has been described by many online as pure treason. Let us introduce squirty aerosol tea. Tea in a can.


No More Tea Bags has reduced the humble cuppa to the level of whipped cream, all in an effort to help you not have to deal with soggy tea bags or messy leaves (honestly we’re fine).

Initial reviews of No More Tea Bags in The Huffington Post UK office ranged from apathy (coffee drinkers) to complete unwillingness to acknowledge it’s existence. The general consensus is that it tastes better than it looks (horrendous) and smells when you first squirt into the cup, and the Earl Grey variety proved the most popular.

Needless to say people have been absolutely losing it. Won’t someone think of the children.

That’s enough change for one year.

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