Teen Dumps Guy With Brutal But Genius Spotify Playlist

And we thought doing it over text was bad.

If personalised mix tapes can make a relationship, it makes sense that they can break one too.

At least that’s what we’ve learned over the weekend when one woman called off dates with a guy using a Spotify playlist.


Kristin Titus, 19, and Wyatt Hall, 20, have been dating for a while, but Titus decided she wanted to call it a day and made him a creative playlist to break the news.


”I think the both of us we were starting to feel we were better as friends,” she told Buzzfeed.

The playlist song titles spelled out the following message:

Do You...


Want To

Kiss Me


I Am

Kinda Lovin

Someone Else


We Can Still Be Friends

Kristin sent the playlist to her sister, who promptly took a screenshot to share to social media.

Needless to say the tweet went viral.

“This is the most heartbreaking / smartest thing I have ever seen. New age breakups, get on it peeps,” wrote one user.

“Holy shit this is iconic,” wrote another.

“DAMN! That’s harsh...” said another.

But for those wondering how Wyatt feels about the situation, he made her a tongue-in-cheek playlist in response.


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