24/08/2017 12:05 BST | Updated 24/08/2017 13:35 BST

Martyn Hett's Sister Gets 11A* GCSEs Despite Taking Exams Day After Learning He Died In Manchester Bombing

'I have never been more amazed or proud of anyone.'

Martyn Hett's younger sister has achieved 11A*s in her GCSEs 

The younger sister of Manchester bombing victim Martyn Hett has achieved 11 A*s in her GCSEs, despite being rocked by her brother’s death in the middle of her exams. 

Calling her an “absolute hero”, Nikita Murray’s oldest brother Dan Hett announced this morning that the teenager had excelled in her exams “under the most horrific conditions”, having taken a test the day after learning her brother had died. 

The pair’s brother 29-year-old brother Martyn was one of 22 people killed when a terrorist detonated a bomb in the Manchester Arena during an Ariana Grande concert in May. 

In a thread on Twitter, Dan wrote: “My little sister Nik is an actual hero. Skip back to the literal day after we found out about Martyn being killed.

“We were obviously completely numb, fried, drained. We’d been through something absolutely unreal and were all trying to figure it out.

“I came downstairs, and Nik was sat on the stairs in full school uniform, tying her shoes. I couldn’t understand why. I didn’t even know what day it was at that point, it had been such a horrific few days.

“She was putting her shoes on so so she could go and sit a bunch of GCSEs. I was utterly amazed, floored. They told her she didn’t need to, that they’d use her predicted grades given everything that happened. Nik said: nope! And took the lot,” Dan continued. 

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Hett was one of 22 people killed in the terror attack 

“Under the most horrific conditions, after going through (and continuing to go through) it all, she didn’t skip a beat.

“It was hands-down the toughest s*** I have ever seen. Sleeves rolled up, get it done, Nothing wasted despite it all.

“She got her results today. Eleven A* grades. I have never been more proud or more amazed by anyone.”

He added: “In conclusion, my kid sister is the toughest person I have ever met. Don’t mess with her. Be inspired!” 

Congratulations have flooded in for the teenager on social media, calling her a “force of nature”: 

A star-studded crowd turned out for Martyn’s funeral back in June. 

A self-confessed Corrie addict, Martyn first received public attention after he appeared on Tattoo Fixers to reveal a tattoo of the show’s Deirdre Barlow on his leg.  

The touching story of how he came to the rescue when his mother’s Christmas crafts stall failed to sell anything was also featured in a string of publications, including HuffPost UK.

At his funeral, a video tribute from Mariah Carey to Martyn was played, while Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus sang in his memory.