Texting On Your Smartphone Is Changing The Way Your Brain Works

You have a unique texting rhythm.

Scientists have found that text messaging has changed the way our brains work and created a new rhythm for brain waves.

The study, published by Doctor William Tatum in the Epilepsy and Behaviour journal, showed that 20% of participants experienced the unique change whilst texting.

Looking at 129 patients across a period of 16 months, Doctor Tatum observed a “unique texting rhythm” and showed that significant neurological change is taking place when we use our smartphones.

Whether or not people have this “unique rhythm” is not dependent on people’s age or gender, but another unidentified factor.

Brain waves were monitored by ECG scans over a period of 16 months, and participants were required to undertake various activities on their iPhone.

Including text messaging, finger tapping and talking on the phone, but only texting produced the different brain waves.

Doctor Tatum said: “We believe this new rhythm is an objective metric of the brain’s ability to process non-verbal information during use of electronic devices and that is heavily connected to a widely distributed network augmented by attention or emotion.”

The texting rhythm was also found in iPad users when they were performing a similar motion.

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