Apple Busts Myth About Saving iPhone Battery Life

The answer we've all been waiting for.

Most iPhone users believe that shutting down multiple apps will save the phone from running out of juice.

According to 9to5Mac, one reader asked Apple's CEO Tim Cook for his "official stance" on the matter.

While Cook did not reply, Apple iOS chief Craig Federigh gave his verdict on the matter. And it's a resounding no.

In his email to publication, Federigh is asked: "Do you quit your iOS multitasking apps frequently and is this necessary for battery life?"

To which he responds: "No and no."

The reason this tedious task is merely a myth is because apps are not running all the time.

They are simply displayed "as a history for consistency," 9to5Mac reports.

However, certain applications, such as the ones used for music and GPS navigation, will perform background operations.

And there you have it folks, furious swiping is not the answer to a long battery life.