The 1 Key Upgrade To My Lentil Soup Was Hiding In My Kitchen Cupboard

Who knew?!

If there’s one thing we love during the colder months up here in Scotland, it’s a bowl of thick lentil soup. And I really hate to lean into stereotypes but I’m no different.

As soon as the temperature drops even a little, I’m racing to the corner shop to pick up some lentils and get my soup on.

But it turns out that all these years I’ve been missing out on a crucial ingredient that has since elevated my lentil soup game to great new heights.

What’s the secret?

When I was last at a tattoo appointment, I found myself talking to the artist about the soup I was looking forward to tucking into that night and, as a fellow soup aficionado, my artist told me her secret to levelling up lentil soup just that little bit more.

I was expecting her to say that she always adds extra pepper and was excited to tell her that of course I already do this, I’m no amateur. But no, it turns out that I am because her secret ingredient was: curry powder.

Yes, really.

Curry powder improves lentil soup

It turns out that just a couple of tablespoons of curry powder sprinkled over the onions and carrots while they sauté doesn’t add a curry flavour to the soup, but it does elevate the flavour of every other ingredient that’s added to the soup.

It doesn’t really add a kick, but more a warming sensation which is ideal for the chillier months.

And it’s not just lentil soup that you can add a dash of curry powder to. Savory Spice Shop recommends infusing a range of soups or broths with it to boost the flavour.

“Adding a small amount will add layers of flavour but without tasting much like curry. It’s a great ‘starter’ technique for adding curry to your everyday cooking. You can also add more for a more distinctive curry flavour,” they explained.

There are also a variety of health benefits to cooking with curry powder, as Healthline explains: the turmeric, coriander and chilli pepper included in the powder can provide anti-inflammatory benefits, and it might even boost brain, heart and digestive health.

How to elevate your lentil soup even further

If reading this has made you crave a big old pot of lentil soup, why not take it a little bit further? The folks over at Scottish Scran recommend adding potato, swede and leek to give the soup a little more flavour and texture, too.

Brb, going to get a pot started.