The 1 Part Of A Menu You Should NEVER Order From According To Gordon Ramsay

Yes, chef.

Whether you plan your order in advance or get a thrill from seeing the menu for the first time once seated in a restaurant, it’s hard to know what’s best to order.

Do you order something you don’t usually have or stick to what’s comfortable? Should your choices pair well with each other or should you just go with what you fancy, regardless of pairings?

Well, according to Gordon Ramsay, a TV star and renowned chef currently holding 7 Michelin stars, we shouldn’t be focused on exactly what the menu item is but instead where it is on the menu.

And don’t worry if you have a sweet tooth, desserts are safe.

The menu item to avoid in restaurants

Speaking back in 2017, Gordon revealed that he has three “golden rules” for whenever he eats out at a restaurant.

To begin with, the chef recommends avoiding the “specials” board saying, “specials are there to disappear throughout the evening. When they list 10 specials, that’s not special”.

Gordon added that if you’re going out to a restaurant with your partner, book for three people instead of two so that you have more space and means that you will avoid, “getting stuck in the corner like a doorstop.”

Finally, when it comes to the actual food and drink, Gordon warned diners to be cautious around outlandish claims about the food.

“When they turn around and tell me it is the ‘famous red lasagne,’ who made it famous?” he claimed.

“They start coming up with these terminologies, saying ‘and the wicked, famous, best in the country profiteroles’. Who said that? Who named that?”

As for the wine, he recommends asking for something called the “bin-end”. These are the bottles with scratched labels, vintages that are about to be rotated out or poor sellers that restaurants want to get rid of.