The 1975’s New Single ‘Give Yourself A Try’ Draws Joy Division Comparisons

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The 1975 fans have drawn comparisons between the group’s new single ‘Give Yourself A Try’ and Joy Division classic ‘Disorder’.

Revealed on Thursday night, ‘Give Yourself A Try’ is The 1975’s first new track in two years but upon its release, many Twitter critics claimed it sounded familiar.

More specifically, they pointed out that the riff appears to be similar to the one Bernard Sumner plays from the 17 second mark in ‘Disorder’:

The guitar riff on the new The 1975 song sounds eerily similar to Disorder by Joy Division, you can’t un-hear it.

— . (@MaxCorrea_) June 1, 2018

lol I rlly hope joy division are credited as a sample on this new 1975 song bc bit disrespectful if they're not like :/ love both bands v much but

— f (@sadsadrave) May 31, 2018

the new the 1975 song reminds me so much of joy division

— ziggy stardust (@coutureslut_) June 1, 2018

New 1975 song is just the guitar Riff from disorder by joy division on a loop

— Ian (@lowerthanian) June 1, 2018

I like the 1975’s new song when it was first released as Disorder by Joy Division

— 𝓈𝒶𝒹 𝒷𝑜𝒾 (@sonicsteph) June 1, 2018

Does this new 1975 song interpolate “Disorder” by Joy Division or is it me?

— william (@Tourist) June 1, 2018

@ the 1975 please be more subtle with your joy division references take a note from alex turner please

— maddie bo baddie (@ttotheend) June 1, 2018

I can’t be the only one that noticed the opening to give yourself a try by the 1975 is the same as disorder by joy division

— Montse ❥ (@montsedominquez) May 31, 2018

Okay but did anyone notice that the new 1975 song has an electronic background sample of “Disorder” by Joy Division?

— Jordan Cornelison (@Corn22J) June 1, 2018

Within hours of the single’s release on Thursday night, ‘Joy Divison’ was even trending on Twitter, but it’s not just fans on social media who have claimed the two tracks are alike.

In their review, Spin write that The 1975’s songis built around a motorik-leaning beat that sounds like a major-key version of Joy Division’s ‘Disorder’ as rendered by the Strokes, but with the 1975’s signature sheen”.

HuffPost UK has reached out to representatives for The 1975. Joy Division’s Bernard Sumner was unavailable for comment.

Compare the tracks for yourself below:

‘Give Yourself A Try’ was premiered on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show and during his interview, frontman Matt Healy revealed that the band will be releasing two new albums within the next 12 months.

The first, ’A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’, will be unveiled in October with the second, Notes on a Conditional Form’, coming on an as-yet-unconfirmed date.


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