The Abandoned Village Of Múli In The Faroe Islands Is Insanely Eerie

This Abandoned Village In The Faroe Islands Is Insanely Eerie But Hauntingly Beautiful

There’s remote, and then there’s Múli: a deserted hamlet on the island of Borðoy, one of the 18 islands which make up the archipelago of the Faroe Islands - a tiny country in the North Atlantic.

The village, which has never had more than 25 inhabitants, could only be accessed by boat, or a long hike from the nearest community 7km away.

The hamlet is an eerie relic of bygone periods when communities were often cut off from the outside world for months at a time.

But Múli, which can trace its roots back to 1350, now has a permanent place in history - one of its houses has been transported to an open-air museum in Sorgenfri, Denmark.

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