The Answer To Fixing Scratched Glass Is Probably In Your Bathroom Cupboard

There's no need to call in the pros.
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Wear and tear is completely normal, and noticing scratches on your beloved furniture that make you think “how did that get there?” probably happens more often than you’d like it to.

That said, the experts at have revealed five ways to remove scratches on glass that include household items you probably have at home right now, like toothpaste, nail polish and banana peels – yes, banana peels.

Surface level scratches can easily be dealt with at home with household items that can fill in the scratch or gently buff it away, MeandMyGlass mentioned.

John Cutts, founder of MeandMyGlass said: “Unfortunately scratches on glass and mirrors do happen and it can be really frustrating.

He also explains calling in a professional would probably lead to a hefty bill, which probably wouldn’t be the best idea, considering you might have certain things at home that could help solve the problem.

“Of course the removal depends on the type of scratch you’re dealing with. If it’s quite deep then it’s unlikely you’ll be able to fix this problem yourself.

“Things like clear polish and baby oil actually temporarily fill in the gaps caused by scratches meaning it’ll be less visible,” he reveals. “Other products like toothpaste are a mild abrasive and can work great to buff away light surface scratches.”

That said, here are some nifty tips and tricks from MeandMyGlass.

How to get scratches off glass furniture

Mild abrasive toothpaste

“Toothpaste is a mild abrasive so it works well when dealing with surface level scratches. Apply a pea sized amount onto a soft sponge or cloth and clean over the scratch in circular motions. Then take a damp cloth and remove the excess.”

Baking soda and water

“Mix equal parts of baking soda and water to create a thick paste, apply a small amount to the scratch and buff in circular motions before wiping clean.”

Clear nail polish

“Clear nail polish is a good way to fill in the scratch and make it much less noticeable. First clean the glass, then apply a thin coat of clear polish over the scratch”

MeandMyGlass mention to let the clear nail polish fully dry for around an hour before taking some nail varnish remover and wiping over the scratch, and to remove any excess polish.

Baby oil or vegetable oil

“Baby oil and vegetable oil can seep into the scratch and make it less visible. Clean the scratched area, apply a small amount of oil to a cloth and gently buff it into the scratch in slow circular motions, applying a light pressure.”

MeandMyGlass recommends wiping any excess and repeating the process if needed.

A banana peel

“The inside of a banana peel can sometimes help to reduce the appearance of light scratches. Rub the inside of the banana peel over the scratched area for 30 seconds to a minute then wipe away any residue with a clean cloth.”

Time to head to the fruit bowl...