'The Apprentice' Episode 3 Sees Another Meltdown, This Time It's Alana In Tears

Lord Sugar makes a huge gesture to get both teams back on track.

Following ‘The Apprentice’ debacle in which both teams royally failed in their jeans ad campaign last week - all their collective weaknesses on display - this week sees Lord Sugar desperately shaking things up in the boardroom.

Unusually early in the series, Episode 3 sees the businessman mix up the boys and girls, and make the decision himself, as to who should be project managers, choosing people he thinks would give both teams a fighting chance of success. Well, somebody’s got to keep the show on the road.


However, the results are somewhat qualified… as both teams strive to manufacture a brand of sweets and then take to the streets of Brighton to sell them.

Following Jessica’s meltdown last week - when Karren Brady had to step in and persuade her to calm down - there are more tears on show tonight, when the production of the sweets proves too much for Alana - although she gathers her wits about her enough to tell the cameras, “Samuel thinks he’s always right… and he’s not.” Okay.

<strong>Karthik is proving pretty unique, even by Apprentice standards</strong>
Karthik is proving pretty unique, even by Apprentice standards

If there are tears on day one, tempers flare on day two - as one team start squabbling literally on the sea front about who to blame for the lack of sweet sales.

Karthik, meanwhile, continues his unique sales pitch technique into sweet-selling, asking passers-by “Suck it, who wants to suck it?” Classy.

‘The Apprentice’ airs at 9pm tonight, Thursday 20 October.

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