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Dr Zoe’s Tips On Making Your Space Suit Your Passions

Dr Zoe takes us on a tour of her home and shows us how super reliable Sky Broadband Superfast helps her in all her roles.
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Dr Zoe Williams is a multi-tasker who wears a lot of hats: GP, media personality, fitness influencer, mum-to-be. She takes us on a tour of her home to showcase how each space is kitted out with different functions in mind, and how super reliable, Sky Broadband Superfast makes it possible for her to balance all her roles from the comfort of her home

Dr Zoe Williams’ home is a bit of everything: a GP’s clinic, a fitness centre, a television studio - and then some. You see, the multi-tasking Williams uses different designated spaces in her home for her different roles, from teaching live fitness classes to seeing patients over Zoom.

Her connected tech and smart home apps work seamlessly together thanks to super reliable, Sky Broadband Superfast, which allows her to have separate “zones” in her home for each of her varied needs.

“I like to do different parts of my job from different rooms,” she explains in the above video, where she takes HuffPost UK on a tour of her space, showcasing how she’s able to pursue her many career passions from home thanks to her set-up.

At home with Dr Zoe Williams
At home with Dr Zoe Williams

For Williams, the kitchen isn’t just the hub of family life, centred around food and conversation; it’s where she hosts video webinars, video conferences and records her podcast.

Head up a flight of stairs and you’ll see Williams’ TV backdrop, a plant-festooned room she uses for virtual GP appointments with patients, as well as for her media spokeswoman role as a regular on ITV’s This Morning.

“This is my workspace when I’m doing TV and sometimes when I’m broadcasting it will be to more than a million people,” she explains. The space also converts to a more intimate zone for 1:1 chats with patients a couple of days a week.

Williams is driven by her passion for health and fitness, something she’s able to share with her tens of thousands of fans in her position as a doctor as well her roles as a fitness instructor and fitness influencer. Using her set-up, she streams live classes and workout videos from an upstairs bedroom in her home.

“This is my favourite room in the house,” she explains in the video.

“It’s also where I keep this picture, and that was me when I was in my peak physical fitness,” she says, pointing to a picture of herself as Gladiators star Amazon, taken from her days starring in the show back in the late Noughties.

Dr Zoe shows off her home set-up
Dr Zoe shows off her home set-up

“Having reliable broadband has helped me develop my passion for fitness, with everything from Crossfit all the way through to doing online fitness classes,” Williams says.

Williams’ home setup and super reliable, Sky Broadband Superfast is designed to keep her many career plates spinning as she chats to viewers, patients and fitness followers around the globe at all times of day and night.

Reliable broadband will also serve her well as she connects to her friends and family far and wide in her next role: she’s set to become a mum with partner Stuart McKay this summer.

Watch the video above for the full tour of Dr Zoe’s home setup and to see how each room in her home is set up to cater to each of her designated roles.

Whether you’re all about fitness, music or the latest tech, find out how super reliable Sky Broadband Superfast could help fuel your passions.