16/05/2016 08:35 BST | Updated 16/05/2016 14:47 BST

'The Chase' In New Fix Row As Viewers Claim The Barrister Deliberately Answered Questions Incorrectly

It's not the first time the ITV quiz has been embroiled in a scandal.

'The Chase' is at the centre of new fixing claims, after viewers accused the Chaser of deliberately getting questions wrong. 

Fans who tuned in to Sunday's night's (15 May) celebrity special, featuring Jennifer Metcalfe, Michael Parr and Billy Turnball, claimed that Shaun Wallace - aka The Barrister - was answering questions incorrectly to ensure the team won the jackpot for charity. 

Viewers accused The Barrister (right) of deliberately answering questions incorrectly

Many took to Twitter to share their theories, pointing out that the Chaser never usually gets as many questions wrong when the ITV quiz show features regular contestants. 

However, a spokesperson for 'The Chase' told HuffPost UK: "We absolutely refute any claims that 'The Chase' is fixed in any way, the Chasers would never answer questions wrong deliberately."

It is not the first time 'The Chase' has been accused of being fixed, as last month viewers noticed that a countdown clock appeared to freeze during the final Chase.

The Beast - aka Mark Lambett - looked to have been given an advantage in the final round of the quiz when the clock got stuck and he was given an extra second’s time.

However, bosses later insisted it was due to an editing error that took place in post-production.

Host Bradley Walsh has also recently addressed fans' claims he asks the Chasers’ questions quicker than he does the contestants’, giving them an unfair advantage.

He told Radio Times: “We have lawyers on the floor to watch all of this. I read them at exactly the same speed for both.”

He continued: “Don’t forget, if I’ve got Mark Labbett [aka ‘The Beast’] answering questions for two minutes and I’ve got a team answering for two minutes, the team aren’t going to be quicker.

“Simple as that, because they have to press the button [before answering], which is why they get a head start based on how many people are in the final.”

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