The Chase's Most Memorable Moments: Giggling Fits, Innuendo And The Biggest Win Ever

Never a dull moment...

Ever since it first appeared on screens in in 2009, The Chase has served up plenty of memorable moments.

Not a week goes by without host Bradley Walsh completely losing it and getting a fit of the giggles, and we can’t really blame him with some of the innuendo-laden answers that come up.


The Chasers have flirted, got angry and even dragged up over the course of more than 1000 episodes.

And the plucky contestants have provided some truly unforgettable moments too, including seriously impressive wins (well, we all love to see a defeated - and deflated - Chaser) and more than a few daft answers.

Here’s our round-up of some of the most memorable moments from The Chase, so far...

Bradley Walsh loses it

Honestly, we really don’t know what’s so funny about ‘Dick Tingeler’ or ‘Willi Wakker’. Anyone?

Anne Hegerty gets flirty

The Governess has shamelessly flirted with a number of contestants over the years, but she really took a shine to Tom, who she called “ridiculously cute”, much to the disgust of host Bradley Walsh who responded with a deadpan “yuck”.

Bradley takes a tumble

There is absolutely nothing funny about seeing someone fall over. Nothing at all.

Mark Labbett punches the set

Sore loser anyone?

Shaun Wallace fluffs his lines

Not only did Shaun lose the ability to speak coherently but he then got a serious fit of giggles. Try watching this and not doing the same.

Bradley gets tongue-tied in the Final Chase

It’s MIDGE Bradley, M-I-D-G-E, midge.

Bradley forgets The Chaser’s name

Charity? Who the heck is Charity?

The biggest prize fund ever of £90,000

But did they take home the money? We won’t spoil it for you...

The most unbelievable final Chase ever

Susan Vs The Sinnerman is the most nail-biting - and unbelievable - final Chase we’ve seen so far.

An innuendo-laden answer sets Bradley off

The Chase question compilers appear to have a bit of thing for Dick, whoever he is.

Contestant outsmarts Paul Sinha

Never judge a book by its cover, as contestant Russell proved (and then some).

The Chasers do panto

Just glorious.


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