The Cookie Monster's Outtakes For His Apple Ad Are A Joy To Watch

If there's one thing that gives us that #fridayfeeling it's the Cookie Monster being all kinds of adorable.

His ad for Apple was in itself a small slice of happiness and now it turns out the outtakes from that ad are perhaps even better.

While of course every cynical bone in our body is screaming that we shouldn't be sucked into what is essentially a big advert for Apple's personal assistant Siri the simple fact is that we can't help ourselves.

Also, and full credit to Apple here, they've perhaps nailed the tone of this one so the chances are you'll watch the whole thing and only at the end realise it was a promotional video.


Promotional or not, if you need picking up this Friday then check out the video above. Now if you'll excuse us we're off to go buy some cookies.

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