03/03/2017 13:54 GMT | Updated 03/03/2017 13:55 GMT

'The Coroner' BBC Daytime Drama, Starring Claire Goose, Axed After Two Series

Fans aren't happy...

While crime drama goes from strength to strength in the primetime evening slots on all network channels, it seems not every show is finding the same success, with BBC daytime drama ‘The Coroner’ getting the axe.

Fans of the popular crime show, starring Claire Goose and Matt Bardock, have been sharing their disappointment after the BBC confirmed its decision in a statement: 

“After two fantastic series, The Coroner won’t be returning as we look for opportunities to bring through new programmes for the BBC1 daytime audience. We’d like to thank the brilliant cast and production team for all of their hard work.”

Claire Goose and Matt Bardock star in the now-cancelled 'The Coroner'

The decision does comes as a slight surprise after the series appeared to find an audience with daytime viewers, with its popular cast and scenic setting. Claire Goose starred as Coroner Jane Kennedy, who returned to her coastal hometown in Devon, and ended up slightly going beyond her job title, investigating murders with the local policeman, who happened to be her teenage sweetheart.

The stars have shared their shock at being dropped... 





Jane Kennedy’s mother was played by Beatie Edney, busy at the moment as Poldark’s workshy servant Prudie, who nevertheless shared her disappointment at the news. 

Beatie also pointed out that the show was unusual in giving three lead roles to women. 

Guardian writer Julia Raeside has championed a petition to keep the show going. Watch this space... 

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