The Cronzy Pen Is 16 Million Colours In One Gadget

What sorcery is this!?

This is the Cronzy pen. It doesn’t have the best name in the world, in fact it doesn’t even feel that easy to say, and yet say it you will because if it can deliver on its bold claims then you’re going to want one.

You see Cronzy is a pen that doesn’t write in one colour, it writes in 16 million colours.


This is a smart pen, using a “colour scanner” at the end to identify almost any colour in the world and then be able to recreate it on-demand.

While it might seem like the stuff of science fiction or indeed Harry Potter, this Indiegogo campaign claims it can deliver.

Using an app that would be available for iOS, Windows Phone or Android the Cronzy will let you save your favourite colours for later or just play around and find some that you never knew existed.

The company has given some scant details about how the pen works and there’s even a video of a prototype which you can watch below.

If you’re really curious there’s even a GIF which shows how the pen administers the different inks in order to create the desired colour.

Of course none of this helps us understand the actual feasibility of it all, something which Cronzy will probably need to do if they want to reach their $200,000 goal within the next two months.


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