14/10/2018 22:00 BST | Updated 15/10/2018 10:58 BST

'The Cry' Episode 3 Review: 1 Answer And 7 More Burning Questions We Now Have

Spoilers ahead...

As the BBC’s latest thriller ‘The Cry’ continued on Sunday night, there was finally an answer to the series’ biggest question - who took baby Noah?

A dark twist in the tale (which will probably come of little surprise to people who had read the book of the same name by Helen FitzGerald) revealed that Joanna had seemingly accidentally killed her son with couple staging his kidnap as a way of covering up his death.

But if viewers thought that was the end of the story - they could not have been more wrong. 

As we got more insight into the couple’s attempts to hide their tracks, there were even more questions presented, followed by a bombshell revelation in the final moments of the episode. 

After a rollercoaster 60 minutes, here’s what we now want answers to... 

Why the hell didn’t they just call for help?

We obviously understand Joanna and Alistair were trying to cover up their apparent involvement once they realised about the muddled up medicines, but they had plenty of time to call the help before this. And we also know Alistair had a mobile phone on him, so it seems a bit of a stretch to believe they would not have called ambulance. 


Did Joanna really ‘accidentally’ poison Noah?

While Joanna’s horror at realising she’d poisoned her son after giving him the wrong medicine seemed pretty genuine, the flashback to her pouring them in the bottom appeared sinister. As she was seemingly not of sound mind leading up to their flight, could she have killed her son on purpose? Or perhaps she could have been trying to sedate him with some heavier medication to stop him from crying?

But did Noah really die from giving him the wrong medication?

With no post mortem to go off, we only have Joanna and Alistair’s conclusion that their son died from an overdose. But could a cruel twist of fate in store be that Noah actually died from something unrelated, and Jo and Alistair have wrongly assumed their own role in his death? Perhaps a stretch, but something to consider. 


Was the bag with Noah’s body in the same one we saw in Alexandra’s boot?

Cast your mind back to episode one, and you may remember a lingering shot on a bag and some gloves in Alexandra’s car, which bore more than a striking resemblance to the one Alistair had put Noah’s body in. If it is the same one, how did he come to have them?

Did anything happen between Alistair and Alexandra at her house?

Yes, they had a massive row, but did something else happen between the former couple later on in the evening? After all, we never saw Alistair actually leave. And then we heard Joanna talk about “being betrayed”...


Did Joanna actually kill Alistair?

During the final seconds of the episode, we discovered Joanna was actually on trial for the murder of her husband. And while we know she was upset with him, could she have actually had it in her to kill him?

Has Joanna already been tried for Noah’s death?

While we’d always assumed she was in court just in relation to Noah’s disappearance, the revelation about Alistair’s murder threw this off, and we’re yet to discover if this is a trial where she faces multiple charges, or if she has already been tried for killing her son.

‘The Cry’ concludes next Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.