'The Fall' Series 3 Is Full Of Familiar Faces - Here's Where You've Seen Them Before

The third series debuted last night, with serial killer Paul Spector fighting for his life.

With the return of ‘The Fall’ last night to BBC Two, we picked up where we left off in the story of serial killer Paul Spector, and DIS Stella Gibson, the one person prepared to bring him to justice, even if that means losing herself in his dark mental landscape.

As well as these two, there is a crop of new faces appearing in this third series, some of which will look tantalisingly familiar. Let us help you out...

Dr Joe O'Donnell (played by Richard Coyle)
The dashing doctor comes to the fore in the first part of this series, as he struggles with the ethical dilemmas of treating a serial killer, and calmly instructs his team in the art of human excavation. Richard Coyle: 'Coupling', 'Crossbones, 'Covert Affairs', 'Strange' and new Amazon Prime homegrown drama 'The Collection'.
Katie Benedetto (played by Aisling Franciosi)
We've seen Katie's character develop from besotted young babysitter to the Spectors, into a far more volatile, unpredictable adult, ready to do her idol Paul's bidding, wherever it may lead her. Aisling Franciosi: 'Vera', 'Legends', 'Game of Thrones'.
Nurse Kiera Sheridan (played by Aisling Bea)
Far too similar to his previous victims in look for viewers' liking, this nurse has already told DIS Gibson to back off out of the serial killer's ICU room - there's only room for one dedicated female at his bedside. Good luck with that. Aisling Bea: 'Trollied', panel shows including '8 out of 10 Cats', 'Would I Lie to You'. Aisling's a comedian, even if you might not realise it from this dark storyline.
Dr Larson (played by Krister Henriksson)
Brand new addition to Series 3 and Dr O'Donnell's senior, we know little about Larson yet, but the ethical dilemmas at the heart of treating Spector seem sure to involve him. Krister Henriksson: Swedish TV legend, most famous in this country for his version of 'Wallander'. He's also trod the West End stage.

Although it’s cracking to see the return of this cool superior thriller, many viewers voiced their distress at the gory nature of some of the surgery scenes, and also the slow pace of the first episode.

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