'The Good Dinosaur' Might Have A Secret Twist About Poppa

Things may not be what they seem.

It's not usually a happily ever after if you're one of the parents in a Disney movie. From "The Lion King" to "Bambi" to "Frozen," things often don't end too well. But all that might be about to change.

(Warning! "The Good Dinosaur" spoilers!)

"The Good Dinosaur" isn't like other Disney/Pixar movies. On the positive side, it may be the most visually stunning film Pixar has ever made but, as our editor Matt Jacobs writes, it also just "doesn't feel like a Pixar movie." Despite the differences, "Good Dinosaur" still appears to fall into that Disney trope of getting rid of the parents. In this case, the father dinosaur, Poppa, gets swept away in a storm. Cue the tears, right? Well, maybe not.

"The Good Dinosaur" may have a secret twist you don't usually find in Disney movies.

Poppa might still be alive.

In the movie, though Poppa gets swept away very early, you don't see a body. The film shows an image of his grave -- and you just assume the worst. However, Raymond Ochoa, the voice of "Good Dinosaur" protagonist, Arlo, tells The Huffington Post things may not be as they seem.

When we asked Ochoa if he thought Poppa was actually dead, the actor said, "I don't think so. They always leave it open. In some movies, such as 'The Lion King,' you see Mufasa die, but in this movie you really don't. He’s swept away, so there’s always the opening to bringing Poppa back."

Whoa! Bringing Poppa back? So he might not be dead? Does this mean a sequel is on the way?

Ochoa said there hasn't been talk about a follow-up film yet, but he adds, "Hopefully that conversation will be coming up in the near future." And with the movie expected to rule the box office in its opening weekend, why not?

If a sequel does happen, Poppa coming back still isn't a sure thing. After all, Poppa himself tells Arlo you can always find your way home as long as you follow the river -- so if he is alive, wouldn't he have made it back home by now?

Still, Ochoa's comments are pretty promising and, if anything, should give some hope to all those parents in future Disney films. Just hang in there, guys!

"The Good Dinosaur" is in theaters now.

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