Hedgehog Cafe In Tokyo Hopes To Give The Prickly Creatures A New Image

'Some of them might spike you.'

Move over cat cafes, because hedgehog cafes are about to take over the world. Or, at the very least, Japan.

The Harry Hedgehog cafe in Tokyo is home to lots of the tiny creatures.

The establishment has been set up to give hedgehogs a bit of a rebrand and make a point about the spiky animal's softer side.

"We wanted to show people the charm of hedgehogs, which give the impression of being hard to handle," said a member of staff.

For $9 (roughly £6), cafe-goers can get up close and personal with the tiny creatures. Guests are encouraged to hold the hedgehogs and give them a fuss.

"All of the hedgehogs are friendly even though some of them might spike you," said one girl attending the cafe.

"It's very rare to see a hedgehog," added another customer.

"The only way for my children to see a hedgehog is to come to a place like this."

The cafe comes amid a rise in animal-themed establishments - with existing cafes and restaurants being centred around cats, rabbits and even snakes.