04/07/2017 15:16 BST | Updated 05/07/2017 09:10 BST

The HotTug: London's First Floating Hot Tub Has Arrived And It'll Bring You Waves Of Joy

All aboard! 🚢

The ‘world’s first floating hot tub’ has landed with a splash in London waters.

The HotTug is pretty much what you’d expect it to be: a hireable, floating hot tub filled with fresh water which can be heated up to 38C. 

It’s powered by an electric engine and will be stationed in Old Street, London this summer where customers can sail it along the canal. 

People can hire the hot-tub-turned-boat for 90 minutes and float along a London canal, chilling in their swimwear, much to the amusement of passersby. 

HotTug UK

The unusual invention is the brainchild of Tommo Stuart Thomson, 31, from London and Jack Clegg, 33, from Preston and has been designed and made in Holland by Frank de Bruijn.

The pair launched a crowdfunding campaign for the nifty attraction earlier in the year and people loved it - so much so, it smashed its first target in a week. 

There is now one week left for customers to secure their place as one of the first to ride The HotTug, by supporting the crowdfunding campaign, which ends on 11 July. 

To hire the boat out for 90 minutes with seven people, it costs £199. For a VIP experience, which includes a bucket of ice for drinks, captain hats for all, and towels and robes to rent, it’s £260.

“We aim to be the most unique and fun experience you can do on water,” said Thomson. “The maiden voyage was a success and we are nearly ready to open our doors for business.”

Aye aye, captain.

The Hot Tug