The 'Jacuzzi Of Despair' Is An Underwater Lake Where No Living Thing Has Ever Returned From

Deep within the Gulf of Mexico there lies a place so hostile, so aggressively unpleasant that should a creature ever try and venture within, it’ll never be seen again.

It is nicknamed, rather fittingly, the ‘Jacuzzi of Despair’ and it’s an underwater lake that sits menacingly at the bottom of the ocean.

So what is it that makes this underwater lake so deadly? Well you see the official term is brine pool and it’s an underwater phenomena that occurs when water seeps down into the cracks of the ocean floor and starts mixing with the salt formations in the rocks.

As a result the water contains four or sometimes five times more salt content than sea water making it lethal for any creature unfortunate enough to enter its murky depths.

This poor crab unfortunately took a wrong turning.
This poor crab unfortunately took a wrong turning.

The brine pool’s consistency also makes it perfect for hideously toxic materials like methane gas and hydrogen sulfide to settle.

This particular pool was discovered in May last year and has been a hotbed of scientific activity ever since.

To explore the pool the scientists have been using robots because a) it’s much easier to push a stick around than go down yourself and b) it reduces your chances of death by brine pool to a pretty solid 0.

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