13/07/2016 10:47 BST | Updated 13/07/2016 12:07 BST

‘The Jump’ Set To Return, Despite Injury-Laden Series

We wouldn't want to be the celebrity booker on this one.

‘The Jump’ is set to return to our screens for a fourth series, despite the fact over half of this year’s contestants were left in need of medical treatment after injuries.

It seems that Channel 4 bosses are convinced that celebs will still sign up for the show, and are planning for a new run of the winter sports show for 2017.

Channel 4
Awww, look how happy they were before the series actually started 

A source told The Sun: “For good and bad reasons ‘The Jump’ was one of the most talked about shows on television last year.”

“It still pulls in big names and offers up drama that longer-running shows do not.

“It’s the only reality show of its kind — and it gives it something else compared to other shows.

“The uncertainty and the occasional injury make it all the more interesting.

“An official announcement will come in due course, but from Channel 4’s point of view it’s a done deal.”

The most recent series hit headlines for all the wrong reasons, and at one point, Channel 4 were ordered to carry out an emergency safety review.

Beth Tweddle was one of the most seriously injured stars, and was airlifted to hospital for an emergency operation on two broken vertebrae.

She recently spoke out about her recovery, stating that she’s seeing a psychologist, who is helping her to cope with mentally processing what happened. 

Meanwhile, it was reported in March that Tina Hobley was considering legal action, after injuring herself by taking on the ski jump when it wasn’t safe to.

At the time, she said: “It wasn’t an accident that was my fault.

“I’m recovering at the moment… I’ve got a long recovery to go. It will be about a year before I’m back to normal. I’ve got to have two operations. But I don’t know yet what they will be.”

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